The 4 Key Traits of a Successful Person | and What you Can Learn to Gain Success

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Success can really differ based on perspective. Some winners are successful through money and riches, while others are extremely innovative and smart. There are stories of Nobel Peace Prize winners and olympic gold medalists.Though they differ, they all have a few things in common, and thats how they reached their goal. 

So what makes a person successful?

Through observation, and trial and error, I have been able to surmise what makes winners different from the rest of the population. Here are 4 behaviors of a person who is well on their way to success!

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They fail on their way to success

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Can you name any success story that was completely linear? (If so pease leave some in the comments). The majority of successful people have a very interesting story. In a way, failure often aids in ones growth potential. But how?

 – Failing forces you to find alternatives.

 – It introduces you to the level of work that is needed to succeed.

 – you  then have to make a choice between perseverance, and being a victim.

 – It weeds out the people with no fight.

The sad truth is, most people who want success will get extremely discouraged, or quit after the first failure. People often see someone at their finish line, and want the same. They do not realize or appreciate the struggles that happen behind the scenes. This just isn’t the formula for someone to become successful.

Once you’ve gone through each of these stages you are bound to break the barrier eventually because obstacles unlock passages in your mind that you didn’t need before your journey.  People with success are aware of this, and utilize the upcoming behavior to get through the barriers of trial and error.

Successful people crave knowledge

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Successful people WANT to learn. They seek knowledge because they know that just having the finances or support will not get you there. You will often see them reading. whether it is a blog that they identify with, or a book on personal development. These people are learning. and they make sure to learn from people who are already successful.

Cultivating your skill through learning is a privilege and successful people know this. They know that just reading one article per day can unlock ideas that they never would have imagined acting upon.  People who are not successful don’t think this way. Success takes money, yes, but it also takes long hours of learning to execute.

Without learning and execution, your goals are really just dreams. What you do with those dreams is what separates people with success from people without.

They Seek Mentorship from successful People

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Despite what some may think, people with success did not get there completely alone. They definitely had help that differed from the conventional ideas of today. The normal person will go about asking for help via social media likes or funding. While these methods do help in the beginning, eventually your progress will stagnate. That is because action is needed to push you over the threshold to a break through.

Successful people seek out like minded people. Most do this through means that an ordinary person is not willing to do. For example: a lot of the successful personal finance people that we run across on youtube participate in group learning.

This can come in different forms: Master classes, workshops, motivational speeches, or online courses. So what turns the ordinary person away from an opportunity like this? The paywall. Successful people know the value of paying  their mentees for their help. Giving credit where it is due is another difference between people with success and people who do not make it. They just understand that, most times, there is value in paid help. Winners find a way to afford the product that will propel them to success.

They’re too busy for you

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Have you ever noticed how celebrities are mostly seen on the move, or at shows, as opposed to chilling at home on social media? They are also often seen alone, or with one other person instead of in a group socializing. This is a common trend among successful people. They have an air of distance between themselves and the rest of the population. To the rest of the world, this may come off as arrogant, or closed off.

However, in reality, it is just because successful people occupy their time with things that solidify their position. this can be in the form of creating a new online course, or completing a product. It could even be as simple as renovating their website. either way, they make sure to put a lot of their free time toward bettering their business.

When a person that you know personally has a breakthrough in their success, you may notice that they become more and more distant. It is most likely because of this reason. They may have already sought out the like minded individuals with which they spend most of their time. Most times it’s really not personal.


Success is something that is strove for by many, visible to all, and attainable to very few. However, these are some behaviors that make it possible to discern a successful person from everyone else. Although success is relative, the levels are still apparent to anyone, and winners have very similar mindsets.

When striving for success, remember these things:

 – Everyone goes at their own pace. 

 – It may not happen over night

 – you might fail way more than you succeed

 – right beyond the most painful failure, is the potential for your biggest breakthrough.


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