How to Start a Money Making Blog on a Budget

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The questions that I get asked the most convey curiosity about blogging. More specifically, I get asked how to start a blog that makes money. The process is absolutely different when money is involved; And comes with a separate set of helpful tools to help you grow to success over time.

So how is everybody doing it? Creating, running, and launching a successful blog is comprised of Four key steps. Below are the things that I wish someone would have explained to me a year ago when I struggled to launch my blog.

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Step 1: Develop your Audience.

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The second most important part of blog creation is your audience. You will need to work (almost tirelessly) to cultivate a great relationship with your readers. This does not happen over night. When I launched my blog I had already been growing my brand for six months through multiple online sources. However, the site that gets me the most traffic is:

 – Pinterest

I started my blog before actually launching it by preemptively pinning things that matched the topics I wanted to cover. I made up a strategy that got my profile to 100 thousand plus views per month to ensure a good flow of traffic to my website.

Once I decided to focus more on other ways to share my blog content I turned to automation to help keep my Pinterest page thriving. The best thing that I ever did to automate my Pinterest page was using Tailwind.

It allows you to schedule your pins in bulk. Tailwind automation makes it so that you don’t have to spend more than ten minutes per week, or month (whatever periodic schedule you prefer) creating and scheduling your pins.

 this made it possible to keep eyes off of my blog throughout the week while focusing on my 9-5 job. It is the best feeling to look at your blog analytics and see consistent results coming from your original pins.

Tailwind also allows you to have a free trial of 100 scheduled pins! So if you try it and would rather create pins one at a time, you’re totally free to do that.

Step 2: Create your website.

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The process of creating a website was the most difficult, yet satisfying part of creating my blog. But it was not smooth sailing in the beginning. Choosing which service to use was often migraine inducing. 

Especially when I would click on famous bloggers’ hosting suggestions, and realizing it requires more than one hundred dollars up front. Through all of the over priced pandering, and countless choices, I found a domain name and hosting package for less than 20 Dollars per month!


what I really appreciate about namecheap is that you do not have to pay for a whole year up front. I only pay twenty three dollars month to month for my domain and hosting combined. The best part? If you do not want to continue, you can opt out at any time, and make a clean break.

 – WordPress

you also need a place to house your blog website. I use WordPress because I fell prey to peer pressure from a lot of pro bloggers out there. WordPress is the most widely used site for blogs, stores, and news websites alike, so it is the most practical choice for a blog that you want to make money. 

Because of the potential that WordPress provides, I do not regret my pick. Remember that you have options between a few different sites like Squares pace, who allows drag and drop site construction. And Weebly, that is a little less complicated than WordPress.

If you do go with WordPress, then the next thing to do is construct your website, or pick your own theme and frame work. A lot of bloggers choose the Genesis framework because it is the most dynamic choice. It comes with the drawback of having a bit of a learning curve.

I just opted into going to Studio press and picking a theme and framework that best fit my launch time frame, and tech savviness.

Step 3: Create a logo.

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This is a small detail, but can set you apart from the newbie bloggers. You need to invest in a logo. A lot of people suggested that I use websites like Fiverr, or try creating one myself through paint (haha).

If you want your blog to successfully create supplemental income, it is necessary to put some investment into it. Some other choices for logo creation are:

1. –

 They create logosbannerstwitter and facebook graphics too!

2. – 

who also creates pretty great logos!

Step 4: Stack your content.

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The most important step in creating a successful, money generating blog is creating your content. without a solid plan, it may prove to be more daunting than its worth to create your website. The order of your steps really do not matter per se. However, a good way to go is to pre write a few posts before you create the whole website.

When I started creating my vision for I opted to focus on my content first. I needed to prove to myself that I could come up with a year of ideas before I put any money into this business. It pays to keep a good reliable notebook to jot down your ideas when they come in the middle of the night.

  – Grammarly
With creating content comes A LOT of writing. My favorite tool to help with my writing is grammarly, because lets face it: I am a biologist by trade. I am definitely not a writer. It has really paid off to ignore the imposter syndrome while creating my vision, and powering through my goals.


Those are my four steps to creating a money making blog of your dreams! Hopefully, you will be earning money in your sleep in no time!

I plan to expound on this subject in the future, but want to hear from you: What did you use to create a blog? Let me know what you think in your feedback below and I will see you in the next post.

Thanks for reading!

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