How to Guarantee a Successful and Fulfilling New Year

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Reflect on your past year

2019 was a wild ride, filled with overwhelming obstacles and very sharp turns. Yet through all of that, you were able to pull through, and made it to the new year. With all of that in mind, now is a great time to ask yourself these reflexive questions:

  • What did I want to accomplish?

Now is a great time to analyze your wants from this past year, and compare where you are now from where you came.

  •  What did I actually accomplish?

It will do you absolutely no good to be dishonest with your accomplishments. This would be great practice for being truthful with yourself about your progress.

  • What went wrong?
The painful part of reflection for most is owning the lows, and ones part in causing them. However, this is an important step that allows you to establish a rock bottom if necessary.
  • What did I learn?

After establishing past falters, the next productive step is defining the lesson. This almost always ensures improvement.

  • Where do I go from here?

The final step in the reflexive process. there isn’t improvement without a plan to move forward into this new year. Are you proud of the past year? The pride can range from acknowledging the positive accomplishments, to having gratitude for making it this far. The most important thing to remember is to just be kind to yourself. this journey is yours, and there is no handbook.

It’s time to set measurable goals

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Having a successful new year wouldn’t be possible without the power of manifestation.

Whether that is through prayer, affirmations, or vision boards, setting goals is the blueprint for a productive and successful year. If you are interested, or have questions about goal setting, there is a post for that. Hopefully it sets you up for your best year yet!

You will surprise yourself with how motivated you feel after your period of reflection. Try to use that feeling to jumpstart the blueprint for an adventurous 2020. where there goals that you missed in the past year? If they still sit on your mind, it wouldn’t hurt to carry those goals over into your new blueprint.

The key to goal setting is knowing that there’s a possibility that you will not accomplish everything within one year. start fresh now with a clear promise, and the resolve to getting closer to accomplishment.

Get in control of your finances this year

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Budget.Your. Money. It is time to start telling your money where to go on a periodic basis. websites and blogs like have been telling you this for a long time now. It’s time to get serious with your money. Make it work for you, and get ahead of inflation.

For tips on creating a budget (for any income level) please see this post.

Review your last year of finances. This means analyzing where you are in terms of market gains, and reallocating some spending if needed.

That is not the only financial step you need to take when a new year starts. How convenient is it that tax season coincides with the start of a new year? Fresh starts all around! Here is the kicker though: a lot of people dread filing taxes because it’s not only a lengthy process, but can be expensive!

There is a way around this though. you can file your taxes for free with Credit Karma, or at a discount with Turbotax.

Not only does this take an hour at most, depending on your financial situation, but it cuts out the middle man. That means not having to pay a 450 dollar fee from your refund for a few hours of sitting with an accountant. (NOTE: if you are not comfortable with filing your own taxes, then you SHOULD go to a financial professional!).

(RE)Define your relationships

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It’s not surprise that people change over time. And most of the time change is good. But what about when the change is bad? the new year is the perfect time to do a re-evaluation of all relationships. This can range from your boyfriend and friends, to your current job.

  • Is there anyone who deserves an apology from you?
  • Have you checked in on your family?
  • Are you happy at your current job?
  • Do your goals still align with your significant other?
  • Is there anyone who needs to be let go?
These are great starting questions for evaluating your relationships. it is important to be well rounded in your assessment, and provide healing where necessary on your part as well. This requires swallowing pride, and lack of ego. However it makes it a lot easier to move forward with a productive year with a clear conscience.


The past year has been insane, but you made through. That means that it’s time to get serious about your goals and aspirations.
Now is your chance to start that business, pitch that idea, create that blog, or move to that city.
Though this post is not on the first of January, we are still in the first quarter of the new year. That means that you have a whole10 months left to leave an impact on the world around you.

Have I used enough cliches yet?

Playtime is over, and it’s going to be your most successful year yet!

Please note that this blog does not provide official financial advice, but merely based off of a specific perspective. the information given in this post serves for educational purposes only. Please seek out a financial professional for advice.

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