Who am I?

I’m Bo.


I grew up quite sheltered, with authoritative ex military parents, and spent the first 22 years of my life doing what was expected of me. My life was completely influenced by others, and I followed the “standard” template to a tee, with the belief that I would be successful as long as I simply work hard and follow the rules.

  This turned out to be the biggest lie.


I am a biologist by trade, but i grew a passion for personal development, and finance through hardship. I was faced with the possibility of dropping out of an extremely expensive private college, and my family had just entered upon the threshold of divorce and homelessness.  


Through countless odd jobs, many sleepless nights, and the kind heartedness of others, I was able to turn this around within one year from graduation by budgeting, saving, and making savvy investment and personal decisions.


None of which were taught to me as a growing person.


That is why this blog exists.

The hard truth

There is a very large disparity between the people who know how the world of personal finance and development works, and the people who do not.


I want to close that gap by giving out information that I wish I had known when I was struggling. My goal is to expose the basics of personal finance and development to anyone who will listen. Through this blog you will get to see the benefits of putting yourself first in all aspects of life.


My Purpose

If you are a teenager, a new young professional, a stay at home parent, or a seasoned worker who needs uplifting, this is the place for you. This blog is for people from all walks of life, and it is NEVER too late to take control of your life trajectory.

These are just a few of the questions that I was up against as I attempted to take back my life:


So welcome to my Little Corner of the Internet...

where you will find golden nuggets of information pertaining to becoming financially independent, and the painful emotional growth that may come with it. Financial literacy allows you to focus on self.

– Self development

– Self preservation

– Self respect.

                                          It doesn’t end here, and there is so much more to life than what is expected of you.

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