6 Signs that you are That Negative Person in Everyone’s Life

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6 Signs that you are That Negative Person in Everyone’s Life

2019 is the year of self. We are going to prioritize self care, take care of our bodies, minds, and improve our self image.

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One resolution that I hear a ton is the exclusion of negativity in life. This is my favorite resolution because it is the one that provides me with the most emotional healing.

 But what if the person creating negativity in your life (or other peoples) is you? Then what? That is what we will be talking about today. The 6 signs that YOU are that negative person in everyone’s life.

Constant sulking

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For the purpose of this article, sulking is an act that has an effect on those around you. Your friends and family are great resources to help with overcoming life’s tough moments, but it is simply unfair to actively bring your peers down with a bad attitude.

To be fair, Things in life will happen that are less than ideal. For some, Murphy’s law applies at an unfair rate compared to others. However, if you find that your baseline is on the wrong side of the bed, then you may be a negative person.

This does not include time periods of mourning that may take months to get past. Everyone digests things differently. There is no guarantee that you will overcome hardship at a faster pace than the next person.

It does not mean that the people in your life deserve to constantly be subject to you being a dark cloud in their lives.

People are always consoling you

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I learned pretty early on that having to always be someone’s rock can be pretty exhausting. This commitment should be a gift that your peers are willing to offer, but being negative commands that gift. In turn, the people around you will eventually see you as toxic, or an energy vampire.

Seeking comfort is not a crime by any means! All humans need some encouragement from time to time, and it is very clear when the line to being manipulative is crossed.

So if you find that you cannot have an interaction that doesn’t involve someone trying to convince you of the positives in life, you may be sucking the life out of them.

You have a rebuttal for every solution

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Do you know a person who has a negative answer for everything? They got that new job because they got lucky, or it will only be a matter of time before their significant other leaves them. 

This behavior is actually very common, and our natural reaction is to keep searching for solutions to other people’s problems. It is such a common behavior that there could have been times where you even have been guilty of this. 

After a while, it becomes apparent that a solution is not the desired outcome.

Being unable to take a compliment

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Compliments are tricky. To me, they represent an effort to make a genuine connection with another person, and build up one’s esteem. (when used with pure intentions).

However, not everyone is going to take to compliments kindly; and no one is obligated to take a compliment if they aren’t comfortable.

Please keep in mind that there is a very stark difference between being modest, and being unwilling to take a compliment. While this may seem harmless, it can actually leave an extremely bad taste in the mouth of your peers.

Whenever I am feeling particularly down, I always like to warn the people around me that I am feeling grouchy, and this will spare them of any negative interaction with me.

Always being the victim

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Bad things happen to everyone. That is just how life is. What are the chances that you could be the cause of some of the issues that occur in your life? 

If you cannot recall the last thing that you have done, that may have lead to a negative moment in your life, then you may be playing victim without realizing it! There is not one adult in this world who is totally blameless in every circumstance.

This also creates a negative vibe for the people around you because if you are never to blame, then where does the responsibility go? Not only is this behavior emotionally exhausting, but it can push your peers away. No one wants to take a chance to be blamed for the misfortune in your life.

No one shares positive news with you

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Are you aware of the accomplishments of your friends and family? Outside of the people with whom you’ve lost contact, you should be being kept abreast to the developments of your friends and family.

So why do you hear crickets? How did your friend from college get engaged, and you didn’t learn of this until 2 months later?

It could be that no one is wanting to share positive news with you.

This could be due to many different reasons:

  • They feel that you let off a jealous vibe.
  • You are always going through a tough time, and they don’t want to “brag”
  • They don’t ever feel celebrated by you

Any of these reasons could be what is driving a wedge between you and your peers.


These are my 6 signs that YOU may be that negative person in everyone’s life.

Please keep in mind that these examples are not exclusive to one type of person, and there are many circumstances that may cause negative feelings to present themselves. (such as needing to be consoled, or feeling victimized).

This list was created to point the finger internally (towards me too!) and open everyone’s eyes to the possibility that we could be causing negativity, and are not always the victim to any given situation.

What are your thoughts? Leave some examples of how we may bring negativity into this world that I did not mention below. Thanks so much for reading!


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