4 Quarantine Wellness Tips to Fight the Sunday Blues

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Lock down is in full effect, and it’s time for a wellness check. How is your mental health during all of this? Do you find yourself getting worried? lonely? sad? These are all normal feelings to have when it seems like your version of normal has been flipped sideways. Here is the thing: There are ways to combat the blues in lieu of the new week ahead. So what are some ways that I combat the Sunday blues during this trying time? Here are 4 examples of ways to feel, look, and be your best.

Wake up early to promote wellness

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Waking up early gets a really bad rap. It is often associated with feeling tired, groggy, or even bored. I mean, it can actually feel like you are the only one in the world who is awake in that moment. The crazy thing? Waking up is beneficial to your wellness in many ways. If you schedule your day to go to bed at a reasonable time, this will become like clockwork in your wellness repair. When I feel down or negative, I make a point to wake up early to guarantee more time in my day to do the things that I love. This helps to:

 – combat the feeling of wasting the day away.

 – promote productivity throughout your day.

 – have time to do the important tasks in one day.

Create a wellness list

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What is a “wellness list”? This is something that I make when I crave productivity. It is essentially a list of ANYTHING that I need or want to get done for the day.The point of this list is just to have a map of things to do, with the intention of getting at least half of it done. This creates a feeling of being accomplished, and even makes me feel satisfied with how my day is going. The quality of my “wellness” heightens when I complete this list, and it an literally be composed of anything in the world: walking your dog, working on your garden, writing a blog post, etc. This is a boss idea for your wellness because:

 – It promotes productivity, and the “feel good” that goes with accomplishment.

 – The feeling of “owning” your day puts you in control of how the rest of it will turn out.

 – Your mind stays busy (this works well for me when something is on my mind).

Get fresh air and be active

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This does not have to be a log arduous run, or a heavy weight lifting session. For me, being active is going on a nice walk, either alone or with a friend. It has the potential to kickstart your day, or reset how your day is going. The main benefit of getting out for fresh air is the time that you are not glued to your phone, or the internet. Doing so is putting your wellness first. I don’t know about you, but when I take a break from social media, my mental health is at its best.

Not only are you out of the loop on social media for a little while, but you are also avoiding the news. There is nothing worse right now than reading articles about the election, unemployment rates, or the death toll.

Reach out to someone that you love

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If you are blessed enough to have useful contacts in your phone, please use them. You would be surprised with the reaction that you receive by giving someone a call. Even something as simple as a two minute chat about what you are planning for your day can help you fight the feeling of being alone in this crazy time. I have been taking this time to check in with friends and family, and helping to take everyone’s mind off of the current climate. Something that I really enjoy doing is (of course) talking to my mother about what stocks she’s been looking to get into lately. a little financial freedom never hurt nobody!


I hope that the lock down has not had too much of an impact on your wellness and mental health. These productivity tips help me to push through when I am not feeling my best. Now it is your turn. What are some things that you do to boost your wellness and fight the sunday blues? Have you tried any of these tips? and if so, how did they work for you? if you find yourself wanting something to take your mind off of the craziness, please check out my latest blog post on making money during quarantine, and getting into the stock market as a beginner! Happy reading! Wash your hands!

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