3 ways to get People Interested in Their Finances

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Being able to rein in your finances, and saving money isn’t easy, nor is it for everyone. So how do you go about saving or being frugal, when it feels like you’re on an island by yourself? There are 3 ways that I keep my eyes on the prize when aiming for a specific savings goal.

 1. You can bring others in – Motivation is a lot easier to come by when you are working in a group. It could be due to not going it alone.

 2.  Network with like minded people – I do this through instagram, where there is a whole (and VERY inviting) debt free community!

3. Watch and read content from people who are succeeding in your goal – This goes without saying. Why would you take advice from someone who hasn’t been there and done that?

We will be focusing on one strategy for this article: Bringing others in. But this is way easier said than done. A lot of people do not like the idea of saving. Here are a  few ways that you could encourage those around you to up their financial game.

Have a conversation about finances.

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No one is going to know your interest in finances unless you make it clear to them. A great starting point is to tell people about your goals, and the processes that you use to reach them. Tell people what you are doing with enthusiasm. This could be a great way to gauge their interest based on their response to you.

Some people could surprise you, and have a secret similar interest in finances. If you succeed in bringing someone in with a conversation, you get to discuss a really fulfilling topic. However if the person is not interested, the worst case scenario is going to find someone else to talk to.

Either way, it allows you to discuss a topic that peaks your interests, and talking about financial literacy can beef up your knowledge as well.

Do not shame anyones finances.

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The quickest way to isolate yourself, and ostracize others is to shame people for not wanting to discuss finances. It’s just not cool, and you look mean. What would one even gain from that? Also take into consideration why someone would be uncomfortable with discussing saving. There are a few reasons, such as having other obligations that include:

 – Having children with immediate needs, like school, or medicine, or child support.

 – Demanding medical needs like having an autoimmune disorder, or needing insulin with no health insurance.

 – Going through a rough patch with having low or no income.

No matter the reason, being compassionate, and not bragging about your finances is the way to lead by example.

Lead by example with your finances.

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My favorite and most successful way to bring people on board is leading by example. I just do my thing in the open, and allow questions o come in. Eventually your circumstance will go from you bringing up finances to those around you asking for updates on your progress. once this happens, it is your chance to put your money where your mouth is and plan seeds!

When people see you succeed after having a few conversations about your finances and goals, it can trigger thoughts within them. The light switch will definitely begin to flicker when they start seeing the benefits to your financial goal setting.

It also shows them that it is possible to achieve financial stability without the back breaking ideas of labor, or deprivation. This could motivate them to start their own journey, or even be open to a conversation about finances.


So those are the three strategies that I use to bring people in to the world of financial freedom. It was rough in the beginning, because I would find myself talking  and getting uninterested stares in return. However, that could honestly be because the ideas that you share could come seemingly out of nowhere to those around you. Or they are just not interested.

What are some ways that you encourage others to be open about financial freedom, or finances in general?

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