3 Ways to Bounce Back in Life After LockDown.

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Now that lockdown is semi-lifted, many people have risen from hiding to find that their wallets, productivity, and even mental health may have taken a hit. Just know that I am in a similar boat to yours. However, we cannot just sit in misery and wait for a possible second stimulus check. I have come up with a plan to revitalize my life in these three areas: Mental health, Productivity, and finances, so that I can continue my life the ay that it was before COVID-19. So if you find yourself unmotivated, sad, or even a little scared, I hope that this post helps you start your journey to re-building your pre-COVID self esteem!

Rebuild your confidence to go outside.

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I don’t know about you, but this lockdown has had me experience fear of lack of personal space, straight into relief when the stay at home order started. There was a mixture of anger, boredom, and confusion as well. The culmination of these feelings have left me feeling very numb, and depleted. Right on time for the order to be lifted in my city. Before I was able to get a hang of my new normal, I was called back into work at the office. So how do you just continue commuting life after 2 months of isolation? Here is my plan.

Because I will be taking public transportation, I will cover up my mouth and nose accordingly. I was lucky enough to be provided with a few masks from a few friends, so i will be using that to create peace of mind when in public places. I will also be taking a pair of cloth gloves and some sanitizer for when I need extra hand protection on the go.

Because of this lockdown, the biggest thing that I will need to take on is just using logic when it comes to this whole situation. As long as I refrain from touching my face, keep my hands clean, and stay away from people who might not have manners or good hygiene, I will most likely be okay.

Re-establish your productivity in and out of the workplace.

re-establish your productivity in and out of the workplace

Lists, lists, lists. There is probably more than enough to do once you get back to your desk and see all of the files that you may need to tend. The biggest cause of my procrastination is usually the anxiety of starting. Because of this, I always start my work day off with a list made the night before. When you do this, it ensures that you will have a nice templated day ahead. At the very least it allows you to hit the ground running.

a good organizational tool that I like to use is a simple yet cute planner that fits my mood and overall aesthetic. Funny enough, eBay has plenty of affordable ones if you don’t want to come out of pocket too much. There is nothing that helps me have fun with productivity more than decorating my planner with cute accessories, and even color coding my goals for the day and week.

To me, the most important thing to focus on now that we are leaving lockdown, is setting at least one big productivity goal throughout the day and trying to finish at least 80% of it. For more info on how I handle setting goals, you should check out some of my best work on productivity.

Correct the trajectory of your finances.

correct the trajectory of your finances

This is the subject that has caused me the most discomfort because, while we don’t want to overemphasize the importance of money, we need it to survive. So you took a hit with rent, or lost your job? what should you do now that the lockdown is starting to lift? The first thing that I would look into is re-building, my emergency fund.

The next step to this for me would be to take the extra money that I saved, and move it into investments to get the money working for me again. Even though the stock market is not at its highest right now, it is not exactly matching the unemployment rates or economic outlook. Now is probably as good as ever to jump back in. Just remember that investing always has risk, and that you should seek financial advice from a professional.

Hopefully you have been looking into work if you were laid off, and you are coming into a few interviews. If not yet, then hopefully you are going through non -technical interview questions, and refreshing your memory to get back into the game.

I like the idea of funding your lifestyle through your own skills if all else fails, or you aren’t ready to get back into the workforce. A website that I appreciate is Udemy. I like this site because it has a plethora of courses that can teach you basically any skill that you want to learn. Most of these skills can be monetized in some way. Who is to say that you can’t become a contractor or work on the internet until things ramp up in the economy again? 


2020 has been an absolute monster so far, with every month getting worse than the last. Now that lockdown is ending, it is time to rise from our hideouts, dust ourselves off, and use the tools in this post to get back on track to real life. While I do not expect things to go back to normal, hopefully these tools can help us to adapt to our new normal, and re-cultivate the good habits that we established in the new year.

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