3 Tips to Living Within your Means

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When looking for ways to save more, an abundance of people will tell you to live within your means. The problem that I have with that advice, is that it stops there. 

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How do you live within your means, and what does it mean to do so? 

That is what this post will focus on: three themes that make up living within your means.


Living within your means does not just mean being able to pay your rent and bills. There is a difference between being able to afford your lifestyle, and getting by. 

A person who makes $100,000 per year and pays $99,000 in their expenses is not better off than someone who makes $30,000 and saves $15,000.

The goal is to be able to comfortably afford your necessities, and being confident that you are living a sustainable life. This is when security becomes a factor in your life.


To live within your means indicates that you are able to save some money every month. Anything from $150 – much more per month is a great way to build wealth with a savings plan. 

To live within your means is to not live paycheck to paycheck. It looks like having (at least) a little of a surplus for yourself when all is said and done.


A balanced lifestyle is the most sustainable. What does it mean to have balance?

Balance looks like paying all of your dues upfront. This way, you allow yourself to go through the rest of the month without having to worry about any upcoming household expenses.

After all of your bills are taken care of, you can then set aside your number (Savings blog post link) for saving. After those two tasks are completed, you should have some cash left over to live your day to day.

Of course you wouldn’t spend all of the surplus, but this cash flow allows you to enjoy life, and avoid feeling deprived by living within your means.


These are the three ideas that come to my mind when I think of living within your means. It should never be difficult or debilitating. 
What are your thoughts and tips on living within your means? How have you achieved this? 
Let me know your thoughts below, and I will see you in the next post. Thanks for reading!


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